Get a Library Card

A library card is required for all library transactions. Possession of a library card indicates permission to check out items to that account. Cardholders in good standing may make use of the Interlibrary Loan system and the TexShare program. Patrons may sign up online for a temporary library card to start getting access to online and curbside services.

If your library card has been lost or stolen, please inform the library as soon as possible by calling (432) 688-4320.

Residents of the counties below are eligible to receive a library card:


Types of cards

Adult Borrowers

  • Must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of Midland County or one of the surrounding counties services by the library system.
  • Must present government-issued photo identification and proof of current mailing address.

Minor Borrowers

  • Parents and/or guardians must register any child under the age of 18.
  • Parents and/or guardians are responsible for any items check out to the minor's account.
  • Playaway Launchpads, Playaway View, and Bookpacks are not available to check out on a minor's card.

Temporary Library Cards

Temporary library cards are available for library users living in temporary housing services. Applicants must provide a valid form of identification and proof of receiving mail to one of the following housing services:

Baptist Crisis CenterFair HavensNew Direction Ministry
Safe PlaceSalvation ArmyTeen Challenge

Temporary library cards expire every three months. Temporary cardholders must provide proof of address in order for their temporary cards to be renewed for another three months. Checkout items are limited to two books and one Blu-Ray / DVD.

Any persons working, but not receiving mail in our service area, may obtain a temporary card by presenting a letter from their employer on company letterhead stating that he or she is working for their company. The letterhead must show the company's local address and phone number.

Personals with a valid form of identification and a P.O. box, but no physical address, may obtain a temporary card.

Please consult with the library circulation supervisor or branch manager with any questions concerning borrowing library materials.

Library Card
Item TypeCheckoutsLoan Period
Audiobooks53 Wks
BooksUp to 403 Wks
Bookpacks1 (Adult card)7 Days
DVDs57 Days
MP3 Audiobooks53 Wks
Playaway Audiobooks53 Wks
Playaway Launchpads1 (Adult card)7 Days
Playaway View1 (Adult card)7 Days
Video Games17 Days

Cardholder Agreement

  • Accept responsibility for items checked out to the library card;
  • Follow all library policies and regulations;
  • Return all borrowed materials;
  • Pay all fees or charges on their own card or any card for which the cardholder is responsible;
  • Report a lost/stolen card;
  • Report a change of address, phone number, and/or email.

Library Card Policies

To view a summary of each policy associated with Midland County Public Library cards, click here.