In Midland County, the Constables serve as a law enforcement agency, with county-wide jurisdiction in civil and criminal matters. They process and execute:

  • Citations
  • Civil process from various courts
  • Executions issued from the Justice of the Peace courts.
  • Forcible entry and detainers
  • Writs of possession

Constables may serve civil process in any precinct in their county and any contiguous county, and can serve arrest warrants anywhere in Texas. The duties of a Texas Constable generally include providing bailiffs for the Justice of the Peace court(s) within his precinct and serving process issued there and from any other court.


In Texas, Constables are fully empowered peace officers with county-wide jurisdiction, and thus, may legally exercise their authority in any precinct within their county. However, some constables' offices limit themselves to providing law enforcement services only to their respective precinct, except in the case of serving civil and criminal process.